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Realign yourself to the flow of serendipity

Not wishing to disturb you, nor in any way perturb you, but do you ever, in the midst, say of some momentary anguished head spin about life’s myriad details and the possibility of them working themselves into a viable form or not, stop and remember that life flies by at quite a clip and that therefore, there’s little sense in wasting precious moments of it forgetting to rejoice in the miracle of your being, no matter how out of line the details appear to be flying?

In any case, according to the immutable law of yin and yang (what goes up must come down and vice versa), a passage of flyaway details is inevitably succeeded by one of great orderliness.

Stressing to the point of feeling uncomfortable in your skin never achieves success and merely depletes your vitality, rendering you even less capable.

Far better to withdraw your gaze momentarily from the external world, or what you’re perceiving as that but which is actually your own internal version of it, still your raging mind by gathering consciousness in the midbrain, heart and belly button regions simultaneously and breathing in silence, stillness and power for an instant before resuming your external focus.

The more often you do so, the more able you are to feel the essential gratitude for the miracle of your existence and in so doing, realign yourself to the flow of serendipity.

I wish you nothing but serendipity the whole day and night long.

Love, D

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