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Realigning Your Life To Produce Maximum Benefit Today

By focusing on creating and sustaining your own unique version of reality, one in which you manifest what you need to succeed in fully expressing and enjoying the wonder that is you in all its aspects, rather than focusing on what you perceive as the version of reality others have created and then reacting to that, you maintain, rather than deplete your personal power.

Having personal power means being fully cognizant of your personal connection to the source of power itself: the underlying supra-intelligent all-connective pattern informing our existence - nature, universal mind, the Tao, or call it what you will.

In touch with the Tao, your life unfolds by a series of miracles or quantum shifts, rather than plodding its way incrementally, routinely and dully through the usual workaday trance. You simply tell it the broad-based outcomes you wish for and it manifests those for you in the appropriate form for you at the time.

Your part then is to let go and allow the Tao – allow events to take their course, trusting that course to deliver you where you’ll reap maximum benefit from moment to moment. And in so trusting and letting go, to aspire to achieving excellence in everything you do, no matter how variously menial or globally significant.

You perform each task, big or small as if undertaking an act of celebration of being alive. And more crucially, you treat every meeting, whether in person or by any other means of communication, no matter with whom (without exception), as a meeting with the Tao in human form. Indeed you refuse to be deluded by external appearances and choose to view yourself and all others as the Tao in human form, each displaying a different face of the ineffable.

This acknowledgement on your part naturally causes the Tao to acknowledge you back via the people you know and meet and it’s this that causes the miracles or quantum shifts to arise in your daily life, seeing as everything you need comes to you through other people.

And there, in a nutshell of intensively packed information, lie the fundamental meta-mechanics of manifesting the life you want.

I wish you all of a sardine, to awaken to the miracle of your existence today and in that awakening realize a slew of unexpected blessings.


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