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You create your own reality, so while others around you may be engaging in misery, you are perfectly at liberty to engage in joy and doing so, rather than being selfish, actually constitutes an act of service to those who are suffering.

When suffering it’s more inspiring to see the joy in someone than their sorrow and when people suffer, inspiration is often all they need to begin drawing themselves out of it. The same goes for you as an individual. When you’re suffering, there’s absolutely nothing wrong or mad about simultaneously accessing the innate joy within you. Feeling joy doesn’t mean you’re in denial, it merely means you’ve attained to the wisdom that says it’s fine to feel more than one apparently opposing feeling simultaneously.

However, on account of being busy being responsible and getting on with what you have to do to keep your show on the road, it’s likely you’ve forgotten to some extent how to access that joy.

Joy is a property of the heart and the levels of it available to you in any moment are directly governed by your heart energy.

Increase your heart energy in a trice and thereby increase your joy by placing your forefinger in the dead centre of your breastbone pressing it in firmly yet respectfully, wobble it at high speed in an up and down motion for approximately 30 seconds, while keeping your shoulders and the back of your neck soft and relaxed and your breathing flowing freely all the while. If female, you may wish to practice this in private to avoid obvious breast-wobble embarrassment.

When you’ve done, sit for a moment in silence and allow the energy stirred in the chest to settle and drop into the lower belly before continuing with your daily routine.

May you experience unprecedented joy for just being you.

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