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Rear View Listening

There’s an old T’ai Chi trick for both developing psychic-intuitive awareness of what’s going on around you and being more centred and awake in the moment, thus more effective in the situation at hand, consisting in the simple, subtle, yet profoundly reorienting act of listening behind you.

The normal tendency is only to focus on the sound coming from the front, because that’s generally where your eyes are looking and this limits you to only half the information on offer in any given moment. However by training your ears to listen behind you as well, you gain access to the entire 360 degree panorama.

Doing so also has the effect of drawing the point, from which you’re witnessing your reality, backwards into the centre of your brain, a region the Taoists (who invented T’ai Chi) call the ‘cave of the original spirit’, the original spirit referring to that aspect of self, synonymous with the Tao, the root and source of existence, itself and thus grants you supra-awareness and an exponential expansion of personal power and hence, ability to operate far more effectively in all circumstances.

Try this simple, childlike manoeuvre now if you like – give your ears the command to listen behind you and all at once you’ll feel a sense of expanded awareness. Train yourself to maintain this rear-view listening throughout the day and night, all the way through the weekend and you’ll subtly yet profoundly alter your experience of reality for the better.

And if you simultaneously attend to softening the chest and allowing your love to flow more freely towards others and theirs back to you, it will afford you a warmer tone of experience.

And if at the same time, you attend to keeping the breath flowing in and out freely while sinking your weight below your navel and relaxing all your muscles, nothing will be able to unbalance you.

Then if you lengthen your spine, as if someone was gently pulling the crown of your head upwards towards the sky, your perspective will be higher, thus larger and this will make you feel lighter.

Listening behind you also keeps you connected to where you’ve come from, which enables you to bring the totality of yourself (the sum result of everything that’s gone before) more fully to bear on the moment and it’s by bringing the totality of yourself to bear on the moment that triggers full unleashing of personal potential at any given time.

That’s my prescription – may it serve you well.

With love, Doc

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