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Reason To Celebrate

It is imperative not to get lost in the trance of the ten thousand things. Instead, do something to strengthen your body and spiritual connection. Do some of your favourite kind of exercise. Sit and have some moments of stillness and silence. Remain alert, awake and above all collected. Resist going into denial about the state of affairs you’re in. Instead, welcome it as the adventure movie it is and prepare to enjoy it, no matter how grisly the action becomes.

It’s the only way – embrace reality like a warrior. This doesn’t preclude celebration; far from it. Celebrate every precious minute – this one in particular. But don’t base your celebration on the idea of things remaining as they are. We’ve entered a time of overwhelming unpredictability. The only sure thing you can predict is utter change on every level.

Let that fuel your pleasure, in this and every moment with the people you love and above all yourself. And keep breathing. One way or another, one way or another, it’ll all work out fine.

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