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Receive the chi

I’m having an unprecedented experience. I don’t know if it’s as a result of undertaking an extreme many-layered multi-tasking creative session which has left me feeling as if someone’s put a hand in through the top of my skull and has been massaging the folds of my brain a little too brusquely – I don’t know if it’s because after that, it’s taking a while to regroup and settle myself, or if it’s the sense of something huge beneath the surface – the Tao itself, it feels like – pushing its way through into my being and as a result those aspects of personality necessary to sit down and write something have been temporarily pushed to one side but as I sit here, it occurs to me for the first time in a long time, I have no statement to make, no theme to follow, other than the underlying intention to lay myself bare before you and in that vulnerability, offer myself as a channel of healing, a conduit through which the requisite energy to activate a miracle is sent your way, without having the slightest clue what that looks like – and this isn’t my rational mind talking – I’m purely letting myself go and allowing what wants to come through to come through.

For there’s an element of busking involved in this – that sense of standing in public with my guitar and singing my heart out whether everyone’s too busy to stop and listen or not – the busker’s part is to busk regardless – and to busk authentically means to lay yourself bare – to invest in loss, as the Taoists say – to invest your chi in vanishing those aspects of self you habitually identify with in everyday life and instead direct it at being formless, being here merely to serve.

It’s not a state you can contrive, however saintly your aspirations. It’s a state you trip into spontaneously without even meaning to, when, for whatever combination of reasons you suddenly find you’ve grown out of your old skin. All at once you simply have to burst out of it and in so doing, the boundaries you constructed to encapsulate your infinite self, vanish and you simply can’t follow any familiar pattern.

I’m talking to you as it’s occurring without premeditation – partly to hold your attention long enough for this transmission of chi I’m feeling to reach you – it wouldn’t be as effective were I merely to leave the window blank - and partly because when a flow like this is happening, to not give it its head would be diminishing of the very life force informing it – and you, for that matter.

The best way to receive the chi, if the notion of being recipient to absent healing appeals, is to let your chest soften, because it’s there you hold most of the muscular armouring used to protect you from the potential pain of being gypped – and to really spend a moment or two feeling into it (your chest) with your mind, until the tightness decreases and your breathing settles lower down in your belly.

Don’t rush it – indulge it – immerse yourself in it – let the whole universe be the process of your chest relaxing – keep going – letting go and finally allow the sensation to settle deeper down in your belly, behind your navel, until you get a sense of yourself coming from deeper down and simultaneously reaching higher up. Now feel your chest fill up with rose-gold healing vapour, apparently originating at the base of your skull, a point through which healing energy can most easily enter your person, and gradually whirling and swirling its way down into your chest where it fills you with a palpable sense of aliveness, warmth and wellbeing. Allow it to reach all the way down into your belly and allow it to collect behind your navel until it forms a compressed pea-sized ball of glowing rose-gold healing light, like a shining jewel in your umbilicus.

This will fuel you through the day and cause unexpected things to occur, which will surprise you in how effectively they shift the conditions of your life. This healing was as much a surprise to me as it probably was you. You can take it with a pinch of salt if you want but the outpouring was authentic my end, so take it with a pinch of salt but take it anyway – it’s top quality. And now I can feel that personality kicking back in, as you probably detected so will bid you a brief farewell and wish you a wonderful day ahead in all respects.

With love, Doc

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