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Remain as Loose as a Long Legged Goose

If you watch the process carefully, you might notice a tendency to half-consciously react to each change, each new piece of information, each new task, each new situation, or the thought of it, with resistance and a negative attitude. This is the default position, quite possibly acquired as a tiny baby on account of rough or insensitive handling at diaper-changing times or at any other crucial transition points, say between being held and put down: if, at the earliest stages, the adult handling you didn’t manage to engender a sense of continuity and did something that rudely broke your delicate flow of energy and consciousness, it would have given you the message that new information, as in anything that indicated a change of state, equated to instant discomfort. Hence, at that deep, baby level of self, you resist the new.

However, now as the adult, with the slightest degree of mindfulness, you can catch the moment of choice and instead of reacting habitually, can actively choose to respond positively.

As each new situation presents itself today, watch your mind. Watch how it throws up the ‘oh, no’ response, then thank it for its contribution and tell it,

‘I choose to welcome this with a positive attitude – every new occurrence enriches me.’

As you do so, remember to breathe – freely – exhalation releases the tension, the holding yourself rigid against the potential pain of the new – inhalation allows the energy of the new to enter you and feed you.

And remember to relax your body – drop your shoulders, stop clenching your buttocks, relax your anal sphincter muscles and perineum between your legs, soften your chest, soften your face and smile with your eyes, all the way down from your pelvic floor.

At the same time, lengthen your spine by imagining someone pulling the crown of your head upwards by a silver thread attached to your crown.

Finally draw your mind back into the centre of your brain, as this helps still the distracting clatter and clamour of internal dialogue in your forebrain and sink your chi, your life-force, your sense of physicality, down into your lower abdomen to collect behind your navel.

In short, remain loose as a long-legged goose, loosen the noose of acquired negative response, not just once but at every turn and you gradually learn that when you move forth as a unit, a unit of one, life is fun – go on, say it: life is fun.

May you have a day and night of unprecedented ease, effortlessness, enjoyment and excellence, to such an extent, it’s all you can do to restrain yourself running to the highest rooftop of mountain peak and shouting, ‘yippeeaio!’ for all the world to hear.

With love, Doc

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