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Remember It For The Rest Of Your Life

If you’re tending to get that humdrum effect from life, as if the adventure has somehow ceased to be, or never started in the first place, as if you’re held in a holding pattern waiting to land and if, fancying a fun time over the weekend, you’re willing to access the balls to flick the switch that will realign you with the energetic sub-current informing your existence, thus radically transforming the warp and weft of reality and so shift the quality of the action, try this simple trick, involving nothing more (or less) than the mindful repetition (81 times), aloud or under your breath as appropriate, of the following affirmation, so it penetrates your autonomic mind, causing you to unconsciously emit a different set of signals via vocal tone and body language, in turn inducing those around you to respond to you differently, which is fundamentally what constitutes transforming external reality:


That’s it – dead simple – SOMETHING AMAZING IS HAPPENING IN MY LIFE NOW. Repeat it 81 times mindfully, then step back (into the everyday state) and observe how the Tao-Of-You spontaneously shunts events, situations, co–stars and supporting cast around to form a new configuration in the theatre of your life over the course of the following hours and days, without you having to stress or strain about it.

You could call it neuro-linguistic reprogramming, you could call it reciting an affirmation, you could call it doing Taoist magic or you could desist from naming or defining it all but however you think of it, if instead you actually try it as a bit of pragmatic existential experimentation, it’s more than likely to produce the desired result, in spite of how you may attempt to rationalise for or against it and by and by, you will find something amazing really does happen in your life.

May something amazing happen in your life now and, as a result, may today and tonight be a passage of time so splendid in all respects you remember it for the rest of your life.

Love, Doc

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