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Renew yourself

There is really only being, one relationship in the entire universe: the relationship you have with the Tao, the source of all life. Yet the Tao manifests and expresses itself as people and living things as well as non-living things and when these people, living things or non-living things bring you pleasure, comfort, joy, excitement, thrills and so on, there’s a tendency to cling to them, to addict yourself to them.

But as all people, living things and non-living things come and go, to the extent you’ve addicted yourself, you’ll feel the pain of separation, even it’s only a momentary separation. And the reason the Tao has set the game up this way is to remind you via the pain stimulus to refocus your attention on it, or it knows, even if you don’t, that only through your active dialogue with it, will you be consistently renewed.

So use this gift by taking every separation that throws you back on yourself as an opportunity to re-establish your rapport with the Tao.

The initial loneliness and emptiness you feel at being separated from anyone or anything you’re addicted to is merely illusory and swiftly passes as soon as you reconnect with the source of all people and things.

There are many ways to approach doing this, one of the most obvious, simple and yet potent methods is to focus on your breathing. Let your breathing be your focus for just three slow breaths in and out and you’ll be back with the Tao., back with the flow of creation. And in that you will be renewed.

The art then is to keep repeating this frequently throughout the day, especially when feeling frazzled or anxious.

May all be revealed to you today and in that revelation you experience the thrill of renewal.

Love, D

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