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Retain equilibrium

In the midst of transition, always remember the dynamic juxtaposition of yin and yang. Yin contracts and tightens, yang expand and loosens things up. A tricky time is inevitably followed by an equally easy time. Resist the temptation to identify with either.

What goes up must come down and vice versa. To invest in keeping things up all the time is merely to squander your talents and chi. Let things cycle through their yin and their yang, their contraction and their expansion and all the while identify solely with the Great Tao informing all aspects and dynamics of this world of the ten thousand things. This will elicit far greater inner peace, whence ensues far greater flow of chi, whence ensues far more adroit and successful management of all situations.

Repeat repeatedly with feeling and conviction: 'I manage all of this like a master'.

Total command of the details to you.

Love, D

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