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Rewards soon coming

When you’re an artist and you’ve been working long and hard on a project, you’ll reach a moment when it all feels too much, the rewards haven’t materialized and you’re doubting yourself for having chosen this path.

But as any master will tell that artist, were they to give up at that point, it would probably be the silliest thing they ever did, because invariably, it’s right after recovering from such a bout, having confronted their worst demons, that the reward does indeed come to justify all that hard work, courage and dogged perseverance.

Well you are an artist and your life a living art installation – an incredible ongoing work that has so far yielded amazing enough results for you to still be here and reading this.

So should you find yourself running headlong into such a bout and are feeling a great urge to throw in the towel, stop and remember that directly after you recover your poise, the rewards you’ve so longed worked for will be yours.

Love, B

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