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Righting Yourself From A Wobble In A Trice

Sometimes, when you’re at sixes and sevens with yourself, rather than attempt to even yourself out by using your mind to straighten up your thinking, use it to focus on relaxing your body, specifically by softening your muscles and slowing your breathing right down, then focusing solely on the breath for at least three long ones, by the end of which your thoughts will start straightening themselves.

The tone and even the content of your thoughts and accompanying feelings are directly influenced by the way you’re carrying yourself.

Carry yourself in a relaxed way and not only do your thoughts take on a brighter hue, you actually spontaneously start thinking about things that make you feel happier.

As soon as you’re feeling happier, everything starts working better for you externally too.

However when you’re at sixes and sevens with yourself, you tend to be feeling impatient with it, so be sure to try this move at least three times in order to enjoy the full benefit.

Having dropped out of your thinking mode into feeling mode, from your head into your body as suggested above, the next thing to attend to at a more advanced level, is your actual balance.

Your ears are intimately involved in enabling you to remain balanced in the upright sense and according to the Taoist schema, your ears are the so-called flowers of your kidneys.

One of the most powerful kidney energy rebalancing points is located in the centre of the ball of each foot. These points are called your ‘bubbling springs’, because whenever you stimulate them, your cause a bubbling up of energy along the kidney energy channels, which run up the insides of the legs into the kidneys themselves. And when this happens, it reinforces your balancing skills, both physically and psycho-emotionally.

Place a small pebble on the floor and spend twenty seconds pressing the centre of the ball of each foot onto it with gentle firmness and wobbling it around now in order to accelerate the reduction of any wobbles going on elsewhere.

Within ten minutes or so, you’ll feel right as rain.

May this serve you well and you find yourself as balanced as a spinning top in the midst of the action.

Love, Barefoot

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