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Rising Up Like A Warrior To Meet Your Destiny

What if everything was totally mapped out? And no matter what you did, you were always going to do that when you did it, how you did it? And even when you assumed command over your own destiny by actively participating with frequent contributions of positive energy both to the visions of your own future and to the global mix of future-visions, that was always going to happen, your choice was predestined?

What if everything was inevitable and your only choice from moment to moment was whether to feel, think and wish in a positive, cheerful, optimistic way or the reverse?

What if me doing all this what-iffing and you taking it in at this precise moment was written in the stars before the planet had even cooled down? What if this was the precise moment you were always meant to read this reminder to choose the positive option? And that by doing so and duly remembering it triggered a stream of results, which were in any case inevitable, that between them totally turned your whole life around for the better by a quantum leap today?

Well, what if?

May the plethora of preceding what-iffing stimulate that very rush of positive energy within, required to trigger that very stream of beautiful surprise occurrences that between them do in fact turn your whole life around for the better by a quantum leap this very day and/or night, as it was no doubt always destined to happen. (Or was it?)

Love, Doc

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