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Risking As A Tool For Sudden, Huge Positive Change

Assuming you have no idea what’s coming next in your life, ask yourself in broad terms the sort of quality or qualities you want the next phase of your life to be informed by.

For instance you may want the next phase to be one of unprecedented joy and satisfaction.

You don’t need to know what may produce such a state or why – the details are something to leave to the Tao to sort out.

But as soon as you know the qualities you want, tell the Tao (using the above example), ‘Tao, I want the next phase to be one of unprecedented joy and satisfaction come what may – produce me that result.’ And that’s exactly what the Tao will produce. You don’t have to involve your mind in deciding if you want this or that scenario.

Assume you haven’t a clue what will produce the desired result, then let go, relax and allow the Tao to decide it for you.

Taking this approach however, constitutes a risk, in that you truly have no idea how it will cause the warp and weft of your existence to change. But you have no idea really anyway even when you think you do, so actually have nothing to lose and indeed everything to gain.

Because by throwing yourself upon the Tao’s hot thermals and allowing it to carry you as if by magic carpet to the state of joy and satisfaction you desire, you do in fact gain an entirely new and improved personal universe.

Take this risk today and you’ll have made use of a powerful tool for sudden, huge positive change in your life.

May you enjoy sudden, huge positive change in your life that thrills and delights you to the very quick today.

Love, B

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