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Sail away

Come dear reader, let’s sail away – let’s get in that small sailing vessel with its humble white sails and set off into the wide blue yonder, without a clue about our destination other than that we know somewhere out there in the heart of the mystery, is a land where all our potential has already been realised, where all our hearts’ deepest desires have already been made manifest, where our dreams have been actualised – and though we don’t have a chart or clear direction, our intuition will guide us to steer this way or that and though once we clear sight of the shoreline and have become immersed into the infinite blueness of the void, we won’t know where we are and there’ll be times the wind drops to zero and becalmed in the void will we be, wondering whether the Tao will ever blow that wind in our direction or whether we’re to be marooned for eternity, let us nevertheless make haste to the jetty and embark with boldness and aplomb – beats working in an office or whatever, even if we have no guarantee other than our faith that we won’t vanish into the void altogether.

Feel us embark and settle ourselves comfortably ready for the voyage. I must warn you, however, that because we’re taking such an implausibly small craft there’ll be no room for the heavy weight of that aspect of you which doubts and always fears the worst. Indeed you must reach inside forthwith, grab hold of that weight in both hands and deposit it in the locker conveniently placed at the quayside – lock it up and keep the key safe in case you need that burden back in the future. And now we’re ready to set sail.

Feel the water beneath us, the bobbing up and down sensation, the pull of the wind in the sails and see us head off into the horizon for the land of where everything’s already sorted. And we sail and we sail – for forty days and forty nights we sail – miraculously fed by mysterious albatross-like birds who drop food parcels into the boat – fine ready-cooked feasts – and mysterious genie-like spirits who roll up once a day to bathe us with wet-wipe-like appliances which magically make us feel and smell as if we’ve had a good shower – and amazingly we feel no fatigue, no boredom, no sense of tedium and no sensation of fear – only excitement for heading into the unknown.

On the forty-first day we strike land. It looms up at us out of the mist – great towering cliffs which seem to sparkle as if made of solid gold encrusted with diamonds. We climb out of the boat and step ashore, not bothering to secure the boat, letting it drift back out to sea because we know we won’t need it anymore – why would we, we’ve arrived at the land of where everything’s already sorted – we can tell – there’s a huge sign on the beach that says so.

We wander up the cliff path, festooned with exotic plants and brightly coloured flowers, where talking butterflies whisper sweet welcomes in our ears. Eventually we arrive at the top and are greeted with the most surprising vista. What we see before us is stunning in its familiarity. In fact it’s so similar to the world we left forty-one days earlier, we might as well have just gone in a massive circle.

However there is a subtle yet profound difference, because here in the land where everything’s already sorted, everything’s already sorted.

All at once you realise you no longer have that nagging feeling of missing out or of not quite having everything or everyone as you want it or them. All at once, as if out of the blue, comes with great impact the astonishing realisation that you already have everything you want, you just didn’t realise it before. And as soon as you welcome the realisation and allow its implications to reverberate in the deepest recesses of your mind and body, certain alterations to the fabric of your existence become apparent.

Instantly you have all the wealth, all the wherewithal, all the resources, all the love, all the sex, all the fun, all the respect, all the recognition, all the companionship, all the creativity, all the fulfilment, all the health, all the inner peace, all the clarity, all the resolution, all the freedom, all the flow, all the energy, all the beauty, all the joy, all the satisfaction, all the sense of achievement, all the enlightenment and all the mastery you’ve ever dreamed of having – right here right now – you can feel it in every bone of your body and you love it. And we don’t ever have to leave this land where everything’s already sorted – we can stay here for the rest of our lives – for by staying here, we transform our reality.

So no need to see us sailing back to where we began unless you need to get your doubt back from that locker, but personally, I’d say best to leave it be and start having a damn good time. What do you reckon? Nice, slightly mind-stretching, magic-making trip?

Just you watch, magic will start happening now.

Have a magic day.

With love, Doc

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