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Secret Compact With Yourself

No one has to know about this. In fact the more under your hat you keep it, the better.

The idea is to make a secret compact with yourself in which you promise to experience whatever happens to you as an expression of the perfection of the Tao made manifest and even though your rational mind may find some or much of what’s currently manifesting pretty messy and far from your ideal of perfection, once you’ve made the promise, you’re then obliged to see it as perfect even in its messy state. Furthermore, you’re obliged to see what you might have hitherto judged as a mistake as something that was meant to be for the highest good, especially if it looks far from that to your rational mind.

This means you accept what you’re feeling even when you’re in pain and no longer waste energy fighting it and imagining it shouldn’t be happening to you. Just as it means you accept what you’re feeling when you’re elated too without limiting your enjoyment.

In acceptance comes peace.

In peace comes miracles.

In miracles comes success.

And it doesn’t mean being a slovenly fatalist.

You always intend to acquit yourself with excellence and aplomb and never judge yourself harshly when you inevitably fall short of what you imagine excellence and aplomb to consist of. Simply assume things might have been much worse had you not acted with the maximum possible excellence and aplomb at the time.

The main thing is to keep going.

And to keep going you need all the support and encouragement you can get, especially from your number one supporter and encourager: you.

With you fully behind yourself, rather than fighting yourself, you have full vitality flow and that’s what keeps you going.

So whatever you’re feeling right now, however things are shaping up or not, as the case may be, your vow is to trust implicitly that this is precisely how it’s meant to be at this precise moment, exactly as you manifested it to be and specifically what’s required to produce the best possible result for you and everyone involved in your life.

All I can say is make the compact and your life will lift off into a new level of experience, influence and effect altogether.

It’s inevitable that you’ll break it from time to time – you’ll feel overwhelmed for a moment or two when things go really pear-shaped.

But you’ll quickly remember it. Then you’ll fight it. You’ll question it. You’ll tell yourself it was a load of rubbish anyway.

But because you made the vow, you’ll find yourself gradually inching closer to renewing your vow and before you know it (sooner or later), you’ll be at one with it again.

And even that, even that loss of faith in yourself will feel part of the perfection, part of the way the Tao is expressing itself perfectly in your life.

Implicit in all this is to stop giving yourself a hard time and instead of giving yourself a hard time as a bogus way of keeping yourself on the straight and narrow, to gradually start learning that it’s more effective to simply visualize yourself constantly passing through the eye of the needle (of perfection) and moving from success to success, as a way to stay focused.

So without further ado, grab yourself by the hands and say in utmost earnestness and sincerity,

“I [your name], do hereby solemnly vow to experience whatever happens to me from now on till I die as an expression of the perfection of the Tao made manifest.”

It’ll instigate a profound and instantaneous transformation of conditions.

I wish you a profound and instantaneous transformation of conditions.

Love, B

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