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Self-Administered Micro-Massage Routine That Boosts Your Flow-Capacity

There are a cluster of points around the ankle, which if stimulated with measured gusto through self-administered thumb pressure all about, trigger a notable increase of energy flowing through your kidney energy channel, which corresponds with the water element within.

Regular application builds your vitality levels and with that an increased ability to let go and flow.

Where they are is in the triangle behind the inner anklebones (posterior to it, in the direction of the Achilles tendon).

If you press into the thin layer of flesh here and fish about so you cover every bit of it you’ll elicit a series of rather poignant aches that will make you go ouch.

However, by regular application, an amazing thing happens: the ache diminishes and actually becomes a wonderful sensation – still poignant but wonderful instead of horrible – this on account of releasing the accumulated contraction in the tissue.

And once this has happened, your internal water starts flowing freely and as the outer reflects the inner and vice versa, this will lead spontaneously to a greater a capacity to flow like water around and over all obstacles in your way and rise up like a tidal wave to claim the prizes that present themselves along the path.

Wish: that you flow as an unstoppable tide towards your highest good with sublime fluidity and elegance today.

Love, B

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