Don’t try and run from the pain or discomfort you’re feeling. Instead open up to it and welcome it as a sign of life.

Then breathe with it, relax with it and as you do start focusing on the aspect of you that’s feeling the pleasure of being alive as well.

The more you focus on the latter, the more it tends to grow, but only once you’ve acknowledged and allowed the former.

It’s not about one instead of the other: pleasure instead of pain. Life must necessarily be a mixture of both – yin and yang.

It’s about allowing both and focusing on the pleasure most of the time, or at least whenever you can. It only takes a single candle flame to destroy the darkness of an entire room. In the same way, it only takes one moment of acknowledging the sheer pleasure of being alive to overcome the pain for a whole day.

Balance to you.

Love, B

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