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Self-worth boost

Self-worth is at the crux of the success-manifesting process. You’ve got to believe you’re worth it. And not because you’ve got a certificate, or three certificates or ten, not because you’ve amassed a fortune, own a huge house or houses, or that such or such a magazine wrote about you, not because people are telling you you’re wonderful. But because you’ve chosen to wake up to who and what you really are: a living expression of the cosmic consciousness, love and life-force in human form and therefore worth the entire universe, or more simply because you’ve chosen to know you’re as worth it as anyone else and have chosen to accept responsibility for reality being determined by the choices you make.

Another, currently popular term for it, is entitlement – develop a sense of being entitled (merely for being born) to the very best on offer at every juncture.

But don’t fall prey to comparing yourself to others – both when what you’ve entitled yourself to doesn’t look so hot and when it looks super-hot.

Just know that what’s happening is the very best it can be for this moment and it can always get way better (or worse) the next, according to the endless cycling of yin and yang, contraction and expansion underpinning existence. But no matter which phase of the cycle is affecting you, the up or the down, your worth is in no way related to it.

A mega self-worth boost to you.

Love, D

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