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Service versus ambition

Instead of letting personal ambition be your driving force today, let your purpose be to bring as much joy as possible to absolutely everyone you encounter or glance by, however fleetingly or seemingly insignificantly.

Remind yourself that behind the clever disguises, everyone is a Buddha and so deserving of all the joy in the universe.

See yourself as the bringer of joy.

Don’t try and do anything differently or more joyously, simply let this intention be the subtext of your experience. You can even forget all about it once you’ve made the intention and just let the day unfold as it will, thenceforth.

Doing so you’ll elicit a whole different set of responses from those around you and thereby not only transform your day by increasing enjoyment levels but also open the possibility for achieving better results altogether.

I wish you and everyone you encounter more joy than you’ve ever known today, meanwhile.

Love, D

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