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Setting Yourself Up To Conduct Miracles

In London on my way to the airport to fly to Italy a couple of weeks ago, the motorway traffic suddenly ground to a halt and stayed that way. Standing in the sunshine in the fast lane on the tarmac, while the cab driver phoned into to find out what was happening, I found myself marvelling at how swiftly the context of things can change. Just a few minutes earlier, had I been standing in the same spot, you’d not be reading this now, and I certainly wouldn’t be writing it. Just a few minutes earlier and standing in that sunshine would have been the last thing I ever did. And it’s the same with being here. For whatever momentary extreme quirk of fate, this planet is here and able to support life and you’re here to experience it. One or two degrees to the left or right of the creation thrust and this might have been a planet with no atmosphere, upon which if you found yourself standing, you’d not be finding yourself standing there for long – not even for one breath.

Being alive is a gift, a miracle and an implausible context shift in an otherwise inhospitable universe.

And just as I gave thanks for the odd sensation of feeling totally safe standing in the fast lane of a major motorway, give thanks for being alive on the planet at this time. It’s too great a gift to ignore just because it’s become habitual.

Take a moment every now and them, to stop and look within and around you and speak to the Tao – tell it, “Thanks buddy for all of this – it’s brilliant” or words to that effect.

Performing this simple, childlike gesture has an amazing effect on your energy, your mood and ability to conduct miracles.

Wish: may you conduct an entire symphony of miracles today.

Love, D

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