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Sexual Flow

Sexual dysfunction, no matter its appearance or psycho-emotional cause, invariably originates in a deficit of kidney ‘fire’ energy and vice versa.

You can boost kidney fire by stabilizing kidney energy and then stoking the fire.

This can be done by pressing firmly on the thin layer of tissue just posterior to (behind) the inner ankle bones on each foot for 20 seconds or so and then placing hands on waist, feeling for the spine, placing a finger between the vertebrae at that level and wobbling it vigorously from side to side for 20 seconds.

Then visualize breathing fire from the Earth’s core in through the soles of the feet, up the insides of the legs, in through the perineum between the legs and into the genitals, then breathing out all the tiredness and strain along the outsides of the legs and out through the soles for the Earth to transmute back into pure energy – nine cycles.

This will start showing effects within 24 hours.

I wish you a healthy, joy-inducing sexual flow.

Love, Barefoot

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