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Short sharp shots of Taoist wisdom and technique

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

1 - Preventing someone access to your orbit the psychic power way

When there’s someone you wish to exclude from your orbit in whichever area of your activities, for whatever reason, perhaps someone who is sending you negative vibrations or worse, visualize them standing before you. See past their external disguise to the radiant spirit within (we are each a manifestation of the Tao, no matter how well disguised), this to diffuse any negativity coming from you, and visualize yourself putting your palm up with arm outstretched in a halt gesture. Visualize a powerful white-electric blue laser-like stream of light issuing forth from your palm at them.

See the light impact softly yet powerfully on their person and see it neutralize their power over you. Hold and channel the stream of light until all you can see is pure light and not them.

Repeat it each time fear arises in connection with them. It normally takes up to 24 hours to effect a full neutralization.

2 - Distant healing technique

When you want to send healing to someone with full effect, visualize them standing before you and project a stream of laser-like bright light (colour it emerald, aqua, rose, violet and gold if you like), towards the crown of their head. See it enter there and radiate instantaneously to all parts of them, especially any part you know or assume to be diseased. See the light obliterate all darkness within them. See them smile in relief and gratitude and return your focus to your own belly. There, see pure golden light accumulating to replace the light just transmitted, and carry on as you were.

3 - Strengthening your healthy bond with someone without stifling it.

When you get involved with someone and vice versa, on any level, for any reason, for however long it is, you mutually instigate an energy circle. To keep this temporary bond (it may go on a lifetime but even lifetimes are temporary) as fluid, flexible non-stick, un-stifling and free for both parties and thus elicit far greater results from your relationship, whatever its nature, rather than see it as a circle, see it as a figure eight on the horizontal plane, with each of you in their own circle, joined merely by the intersection at the eight’s waist. The same goes for when you want to keep someone you love safe, see the eight made of bright light joining you together in mutual freedom and know you’re holding them in your protective field.

4. Resolving impasses and difficult situations with others by magic.

If you’ve reached an impasse with someone in any area of your life, or fear you’re approaching a difficult communicational patch, or dangerous situation with someone, and haven’t a clear clue what to do, stop worrying about it altogether and attune your full awareness to the background presence underlying and informing the situation, as well as all parties involved (we are each a manifestation of the background presence or Tao and as such are informed by it).

And say to it in full earnestness and sincerity, directly from your heart, “Great Presence [or words to that effect], I haven’t a clear clue what to do about this, so am handing it over to you: produce, via a series of miracles (quantum jumps), the perfect result a la highest good for all concerned [or words to that effect]!”

Then let go and usually within no more than 24 hours, the situation radically transforms of itself without you lifting a finger. But you have to stop worrying about it in the meantime or you block the miracle flow.

5 - Dropping a love bomb

When you want to jumpstart a sudden and huge new phase of good fortune (in any or all its guises) in your life, bearing in mind good fortune may be sent by the Tao but is delivered by other people, based on the premise that the energy you transmit returns to you multiplied, visualize yourself hovering like a huge unidentified flying object far, far above the earth’s surface and in your gigantic hands are holding what is evidently an organically styled rose coloured bomb-like structure.

Glancing at its side you notice a warning: contains pure, highest octane, universal love – highly inflammable, handle with care!

Gazing down at the earth, use your internal target tracker till you locate your favourite spot on the planet, as this will increase the love-magnetism. Then simply let go of the bomb, Let it fall to earth and watch it explode on impact into an implausibly vast and bright cloud of rose-gold light, which rapidly spreads everywhere like a million tidal waves of rose-gold light, until the entire planet is covered in it, all pain, suffering, misery, discontent, hatred, greed and fear instantly obliterated in its rays, leaving everyone feeling remarkably better, warmer, more loved, more loving and generally healed than ever before.

Then swiftly dive back down to earth and as one of its citizens, avail yourself of this benign fallout too.

6 - Attain perpetual happiness

If you spend all your time hoping for the good times to roll round, or fearing them coming to an end, or just fearing the bad times, you can’t possibly be present to enjoy what’s going on right now, which at the very least, is you sitting/crouching/lying/moving about here reading this, breathing, with consciousness on a planet spinning on her axis at 1,000 mph, while orbiting the sun even as we speak at 66,000 mph, yet feeling relatively still all the while, in the company of over 7 billion others not too dissimilar to you, with a whole world of possibilities at your feet.

Love this as it is regardless of your hopes and fears, be willing to transcend preferences for easy over difficult, good over bad, pleasure over pain, and nothing can ever destabilize you again. A friend just asked me on a percentage scale how happy I was – I answered 70% - not bad at all, he said and suggested I feel 100% happy about only feeling 70% happy.

It’s like that.

Keep reframing your moment by moment experience and every time the existential anguish threatens to bubble up and overcome you, rather than resist it, welcome and embrace it, breathe and watch it be reintegrated as pure energy back into your system.

7 - Simple manifesting technique

Each time you worry today about not getting everything done, instead visualize yourself at the end of it all, having got everything done easily, effortlessly and enjoyably.

Each time today you worry about the next bit of your life not working out, instead visualize yourself at the other side of any current challenges, things having worked out miraculously well.

Each time today you find yourself worrying about other peoples’ reactions to you, instead visualize everyone walking away from you thinking and feeling only the very best about you and themselves.

Each time you find yourself worrying about any particular situation not working out, instead visualize yourself looking back at the situation marvelling about implausibly well it did work out.

In all instances it’s unnecessary and even inadvisable to waste energy guessing how these results might have been brought about, simply see the result you wish for regardless.

Worrying about something is akin to praying for what you don’t want.

Visualizing the outcome you want is akin to praying for that instead.

Knowing this and knowing you do indeed have the option, makes choosing simple, unless you love pain, of course.

8 - Accelerate the manifesting process

Allow your mind to clear itself of the drama for a brief moment, let go of all self-pity, worry and any other negative mind-state with a few heartfelt exhalations and mentally or on paper/screen, list nine things you have in your life to be incredibly grateful for.

Then list nine things you want to make manifest.

At the end, review or read both lists, take a deep breath and let the whole picture go as you exhale, returning yourself to the here and now, all parts of you present and correct.

Within no more than 24 hours, things will start happening spontaneously to confirm to you that your list of desires is already in the process of manifestation.

I wish you more and more and more mastery of the mystery dear reader, and hope you’ve found value in these.

I wish you mastery of the mystery.

May it serve you well.

Love, B

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