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Simple Time-Travel Technique To Accelerate Your Ability To Enjoy Being Alive Today

Ease off for a moment and take your mind back to that time when you were very young when you first squealed with delight for whatever reason or for no reason at all, that moment you first felt the unbridled joy of simply being.

Now remind yourself that the person who experienced that is still within you – it never went anywhere – it’s still there at your core, perhaps hiding behind all those layers of conditioning you picked up along the way but still there nonetheless.

So it’s perfectly feasible to not only remember the occasion but to actually take yourself right back into it, right back into your body at the time, so you can actually feel that sensation of joy here and now.

Feel it now within your young chest and belly – pure unbridled joy.

Next, rather than coming back into your familiar, everyday, adult state, remain being your joyful child-self, full of innocent curiosity about the world, confident you can taste it all and love it and charmed by it as well as charming with it, in the knowledge that like this, all doors will open to you as you wend your way in joy along the great thoroughfare of today and beyond.

May you accelerate your joy so much today, you can hardly keep up with all the good feelings and experiences that come your way.

Love, B

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