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Simple way to undo and release unnecessary hang-ups from the body-mind complex

Every mistaken belief lodged in your unconscious has a correlating aspect in your musculature and soft tissue which manifests as tension, forming regions of blockage over time. By releasing the tension blocks, you release the mistaken belief and thus engender a greater quantum spreading of deep peace instead.

Skilled body-workers are able to spot where you’re holding your blocks and release them for you but it’s hard to do that for yourself.

However the Taoist energy medicine system teaches various key release points which if pressed/heated/needled/stimulated correctly will engender a natural release of any internal block that needs releasing.

One of the most powerful of these lies right at the base of the skull, bang in the centre, where the occipital bone meets the spine.

To find it, press in under the base of the skull in the centre where your spine meets the skull and gently tilt your head back. Now deftly swap the finger you’re pressing with for either a strong thumb or a nicely rounded, easy to hold, smooth, smallish pebble, crystal or anything that makes for a sturdy, viable kneading instrument. Next, keeping the shoulders relaxed, press in enough to firstly make the whole skull let go and keep pressing. Gradually you’ll feel a strange sensation of letting go, almost akin to losing control, spreading down your spine and throughout your entire body, especially to your upper abdominal area.

As you do this, keep breathing slowly and on each exhalation, feel as if you’re releasing whatever needs releasing on the breath.

Repeat this three or four times this week with an intention to divest yourself of all mistaken beliefs and you’ll be veritably astonished at the subtle yet profound shift it wrings in your psyche and your cosmology.

I wish you profound shifts for the better.

Love, B

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