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Smooth Transition

Sometimes life gets strange round the edges, sometimes to the core, as if you’re on a similar but unfamiliar planet or have stepped onto the wrong film set. At such times, the general rule is not to adjust your set, other than to ensure you’re as grounded and centered within as possible by relaxing your muscles, lengthening your spine, sinking your weight below your navel, drawing your mind back into centre brain, softening your face and chest and breathing deep down, slowly, evenly and smoothly. The strangeness occurs when the tectonic plates of the reality you’ve constructed through your perceptual faculties are undergoing a shift, generally as a prelude to a new phase of increased enlightenment, clarity and sense of purpose – rebirth pains, in other words.

With summer starting to morph into autumn, or winter into spring, depending on where you are, it’s likely you’ll be feeling the strangeness around now.

However, by and by, the plates settle back into a comfortable juxtaposition and your life moves into the next part of the adventure - and the quicker you let go of preconceived ideas about how your life should be and accept the strangeness, the quicker the shift occurs.

It’s down to acknowledging the strangeness as an essential aspect of the dynamics of existence, then rather than fight it, tell yourself, ‘I like strange,’ and simply keep breathing and attending to all the above pointers for relaxation and centring until strange becomes normal, by which time external conditions will have shifted to match that and you’re into the next phase.

I wish you a smooth transition with a pot of gold at the other end.

Expect a miracle now.


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