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Social confidence booster

Social confidence along with sufficiently satisfactory levels of extroversion to enjoy a bit of a party from time to time, arises from liver energy (according to Taoist lore).

The liver is the ‘house’ of the wild one within: she or he who necessarily must be contained in order for you to get on in the world without offending or upsetting too many people. When too contained, depression (literally pressing down) occurs. When too boundless, mania results.

So the art is to balance the liver chi as follows.

Place right palm on the sides of the right hand ribs, fingers facing forwards.

Press in lightly with the fingertips of the left hand (palm upturned) between the last two floating ribs on the left side, directing the push towards the right palm.

This will instantly relax the whole liver region.

Sitting or standing comfortably like this, close your eyes and visualize your unbridled, inner wild one having a right rip-roaring old time of it, dancing, whooping and hollering with wild abandon.

Then relax your arms, stand up, with feet apart at shoulder width, knees bent, a bouncing up and down ever so gently, let out a grunted HOO sound on each down-bounce, arms swinging with the rhythm by your sides just like an ape and keep it going for ten minutes if possible.

Then lie down, rest and spend a few minutes talking utter gibberish aloud in order to loosen your personality a bit.

Finally, ideally eat a beetroot as this works wonders to boost the liver blood and hence, chi, carry on as you were and by the time it’s time to step out, you’ll have all the confidence and social derring-do you need to have a fully wild time of it.

I wish you a fully wild and wonderful time of it, dear reader.

Love, B

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