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Softening Reality Down A Bit To Produce A Startling Result Today

Have a lenitive effect on external reality now by softening your breath. Softening the quality of your breath softens the atmosphere of your mind.

Softening the atmosphere in your mind softens the quality of your energy field.

Softening the quality of your energy field softens the quality of external reality.

Breathe in and out softly, slowly, luxuriantly, as if playing with the most precious toy ever invented and note how you’re breathing softness out into the world and drawing softness in from the world.

Softness encourages flexibility.

Flexibility encourages tolerance.

Tolerance encourages peace.

Peace encourages abundance.

Abundance encourages feeling satisfied.

Feeling satisfied encourages joy.

Feeling joyful you light up the world.

Lighting up the world, the world repays you by showering you with gifts.

Thinking this way doesn’t preclude attending to the details and keeping the show on the road on the material, practical, survival sense.

To the contrary, giving yourself moments in the alternative state as above, refreshes your practical-detail-mind and enables it to perform more effectively with less fuss and wasted energy.

So it’s not one or the other – it’s about allowing yourself to flip into the transcendent reality-creative mode at regular intervals throughout the day, just for a moment or two, during which you’re creating and recreating your reality as you wish it to be and then flipping back into practical-detail mode to get on with the task at hand.

I wish you easy flipping-between , the fruits of which astound, astonish and delight you to the quick.

Love, B

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