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Something stupendous

Imagine if today, you could instigate something stupendous happening in your life, something so huge, it would totally transform your existence for the better by such a high factor you’d hardly recognize your life, so magnificent was it in every way.

Imagine you had the power to do that, right here, right now.

Would you do it?

Would you improve your life so much in every way you hardly recognize it?

If having discussed it with yourself, your answer is yes, relax, sink fully into yourself, breathe slowly, say hello to the Tao, even though you might not have a clue where to look when you do, or what you’re looking at, and declare with absolute conviction and authority (over your own life):

“I [your name[ now solemnly ordain the instigation of something stupendous in my life today, something so huge it transforms all aspects of my existence for the better by such a high factor, I hardly recognize my life, once the change is complete!”

Then take three slow breaths, let go of even the faintest hint of curiosity about the outcome or the way it comes about, and carry on as you were.

I wish you some,thing stupendous, dear reader.

Love, Barefoot

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