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Sparkle And Glow Wherever You Go

Sometimes I bet you reckon life would be a lot easier were it not for your mind getting in the way and telling you this and that, a lot easier if you weren’t thinking at all – just being and doing. But imagine if you had no mind, no consciousness, no thought…and no imagination. Imagine if your body was doing whatever it’s doing now but you didn’t know it. Imagine that. I bet you can’t. I can’t. That’s how powerful the mind is – you can’t imagine being without it.

Even if you still the mind enough to no longer be distracted by the thoughts going on in the forebrain, there’s still consciousness going on, still you looking out from the centre where the madness can’t enter.

And it’s the same with all phenomena. When you strip any phenomenon of any kind back to its bear bones, there is preatomic consciousness at its core. That’s the animistic aspect which informs the Taoist model: the Tao, which though it cannot be defined certainly partly, at least, comprises pure preatomic consciousness, is found at the core of all phenomena.

At the level of stripping the mind back till all you are is pure thought, the local self ceases to matter (so much). At this level, the self knows itself as universal – it knows it is connected to all other sentient beings and to the pure consciousness at the core of all phenomena. It knows this so strongly that it perceives no division or separation between itself and the rest of manifest existence.

It knows the inside is no different from the outside, other than by appearance and that what is occurring externally is merely a reflection of what’s happening internally and vice versa, but that what is occurring is just part of a vast moving picture show.

But who’s watching the movie? The Tao – you – it’s the same with a different name.

I hope that short journey into the depths of your being has left you refreshed and empowered for the day and/or night ahead, dear reader, as that is my sincere wish for you – refreshment and empowerment.

Above all though, stay tuned to the Great Current within, the Tao, as it moves through and around you, pushing you here and pushing you there in the world of the ten thousand things, providing you all the succour and entertainment you need to feel fulfilled at every turn. Do this primarily by breathing deeply, slowly, evenly, smoothly and mindfully at all times, your belly swelling with the inhalation and flattening with the exhalation.

Be on the lookout for sparkle and glow wherever you go now.

With love, Steph the B

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