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Speed up your good fortune

Comparing yourself to others who seem to be doing better than you, then falling prey to envy is an inevitable aspect of your revolving internal dialogue.

However envy downs your energy, diminishes you and implies you believe yourself to be lacking the ability to manifest whatever it is for yourself.

Instead, relax your body, stop holding your breath, breathe freely, open your heart to the person you’re envying.

Understand each of us has our own destiny, each of us follows our own path, but all destinies and paths eventually lead to the same place: death. We’re all in this together, in other words. Then be big and wish them well – congratulate them their good fortune. Remind yourself you can achieve anything you apply your attention and will to and that if you want what they have you are perfectly capable of manifesting it for yourself, without needing or wanting to take it away from them.

Then compare yourself to all those way less fortunate than you, and with the enlightened perspective this gives you on your own relatively fortunate position, wish them well too and carry on as you were.

Your turn will come sooner than you think.

I wish you your turn today.

Love, D

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