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Spirit of wealth

I mentioned the word prestidigitation earlier this week, partly because it’s a word I love to roll round my mind, both for its rhythmic effect when repeated and for its meaning: sleight of hand, a concept which has special appeal to me, for as the leading edge of experimentation and inquiry in quantum physics demonstrates, and the ancient Taoist model I follow and teach has it, this world, the world of the ten thousand things, constitutes merely the realm of appearances, where nothing is as it seems and is usually the diametric opposite when investigated in detail and that being merely relative, rather than absolute truth, is susceptible to transformation through focused intention.

Only the Tao or quantum field itself is real and absolute – everything else is relative and mutable and by learning to align your mind and energy with the Tao or quantum field, you are able to exert its power through you and so effect the desired transformations on the material-physical plane required to keep your show not only on the road but gaining in momentum.

You are able like this to produce wealth out of the ether. And this is not as far-fetched as first it might appear. Money, though generally regarded as being as real as steel, is as you know, in fact a total illusion. Money is a symbol of energy and measure of value but has no intrinsic value of its own. Paper bills, however mystically or officially printed upon, are just paper. Coins are just metal. Digits on your banking screen are just electrical pulses and even gold is just metal with very little actual usefulness.

However the energy it symbolizes is malleable and by inducing that underlying energy to flow in your direction, you will cause the actual digits on your banking screen, the printed paper money and coins in your pockets and even the measure of bullion in your treasure chest to shift in your favour, without having to actually do anything different on the day-to-day level, other than continuing to aspire to ever more excellence in the way you perform whatsoever tasks befall you on your daily rounds.

This energy is imbued with spirit. Attune your deepest mind to the spirit informing the energy of wealth now. you may see it as something huge, universal and female (as in nurturing, loving and friendly).

With sincerity in your heart, address this spirit and say something like (I’m just making this up as I go along and you can make up your own words as suits), “Spirit of Wealth – I welcome you fully into my life now – come hither and fill up my life – let every nook and cranny, every recess and prominence be engulfed in your presence, caressed by your charms – inform my life with unlimited wealth now for the highest good of everyone!”

This will produce results – usually just around the time you’ve almost forgotten you did it – generally within three weeks or so but there are no fixed timing rules, however if you do it sincerely enough to actually sense the presence of the Spirit of Wealth entering your field, you can rest fully assured it will work and you will not be forced to go without, no matter how dire things may currently appear.

I wish you unbounded wealth now and a wonderful, confident weekend.

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