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Spiritual geisha (and how to protect yourself on the psychic plane)

Now while you may be a rationalist who suspects all such talk is mere fanciful twaddle for people who should get proper jobs, the psychic realm merely refers to those areas of the spectrum of light and sound the conscious mind normally screens out to prevent information overload and maintain equilibrium.

However each of us has the innate ability to broaden the parameters of our awareness to encompass a greater spectrum-span and so develop what the uniformed blithely refer to as psychic power.

In that light, or with that vision it’s clear to see thoughts travel, like darts being thrown hither and thither.

These thoughts are energy packets, which though invisible, carry power and impact on their object.

Hence when you send a healing thought someone’s way it has impact.

But when you send a harm-laden thought someone’s way that has impact too.

People in an unresolved state tend to send blame- or harm-thoughts when they’re jealous of someone.

And while there’s not much value living your life in superstitious fear of the ‘evil eye’ of others falling upon you, it’s mete and prudent to ensure you protect your personal field from such attacks by enacting a daily self-protection protocol.

There are many ways of skinning this particular cat – it’s partially what all the Taoist martial arts are about – they confer psychic protection as well as physical.

But there are far simpler routines which work adequately provided you run through them every day.

One of which is as follows.

Picture your personal energy field as an ovoid (egg-shaped) sphere of gold-white light. This sphere has a circumference around its waist, so to speak, like a belt. This belt spins simultaneously in both directions, left and right (anticlockwise and clockwise, respectively).

The sphere’s anticlockwise spin is the gist of the energy that repels attack and banishes all forces, influences and people who’d otherwise send harmful attack thoughts, from your sphere of activity and influence, while the clockwise spin is the gist of the energy that gathers unto itself and into your field all helpful supportive forces, influences and people.

Simply by focusing on the belt around your sphere’s waist spinning counterclockwise, until you can actually feel it in motion, while mentally repeating such sentiments as ‘banish and repel all harmful, negative forces, influences and people from this field’, clears the field and protects you.

Likewise for the clockwise spin in terms of attracting your allies on the path.

However what makes it fun is that fact the sphere’s circumference has its corresponding ‘belt’ inside you too.

Running round your waist is what’s called the ‘belt channel’,

So when you picture this belt spinning within, it feels like the hub of the wheel. Concentrating on it rather than the belt of the sphere strengthens the spin of the sphere and enables you to feel that more clearly.

It’s the psychic hoola-hoop – picture yourself spinning that belt anticlockwise just under your skin, and let the sensation radiate outwards until it feels like a belt running round the outside, and more until it feels like a whole sphere running round you. As it does so, think, ‘repel and banish all negative forces, influences and people today’. Then do the same for the clockwise direction, thinking ‘draw to me all helpful, supportive forces etc’.

If you need a number of repetitions suggested nine will do.

This must be repeated each morning and though others may attempt to assail your person with harmful thoughts and wishes, and though you may feel it happening, it won’t impact on your person.

Experiment and practice this and watch how it subtly changes your relationship with the external.

May it serve you full well.

Love, Barefoot, your spiritual geisha

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