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Splendid acupressure technique for letting go in a trice

By attending to the hands and forearms, by getting them to relax deeply, it automatically increases your ability to let go psycho-emotionally, usually within an hour or so.

You almost don’t notice it, you simply let go more and the effects show up over the next passage of time, whenever faced with the requirement to let go and flow. It’s abstract till it happens, so let’s focus on the practical application of this exercise in the meantime.

Start by stretching your hands, by spreading the fingers to full extension, then flexing them into fists nine times slowly.

Next push your right thumb into the centre of the wrist-bracelet at the base of the left palm and press with gusto for 20 seconds, and repeat on the other hand.

Now press into the fleshiest (highest) point in the mound of muscle at the top of your forearm (hairy side) just below the elbow region, first one arm, then the other, for 30 seconds or so.

Then shake your hands as if shaking off water for 20 seconds or so.

And if I’m not mistaken, and you do all that with full focus, the day, and or night ahead could turn out to be especially delightfully surprising.

I wish you a phase of delightful surprises, starting today and growing exponentially more delightful and surprising thenceforth.

Love, B

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