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Standing In Good Relation To Your World

There are certain things you can say in terms of doing magic with your life to manifest the set-up you want, if said three times with the fullness of yourself brought to bear on the moment of speaking, addressed to the deepest (or higher) aspect of self, that instantaneously and effectively link you to the pre-atomic underlying intelligent pattern of existence, the Tao and by doing so trigger, within a matter of days, a definite, tangible effect on the progress of your worldly affairs, one of which is, ‘Accelerate this process!’

So if wishing to speed up the incidence of fortuitous transformation occurring in your life at present, consider the various aspects of your existence, in which you wish to manifest positive change, then holding a mental picture of each in turn, say, ‘accelerate this process,’ three times.

As you do so, to facilitate fullness of self brought to bear on the moment, slow down your breathing, relax your entire body, every joint, muscle, sinew, vessel, organ, nerve and function, mentally elongate your spine as if your head-top was being suspended from above, draw the point from which you’re bearing witness to reality, backwards into the centre of your brain to enable you to gaze out at the world from your pineal gland (your ‘third eye’) and hold you hands in front of your chest, palms facing upwards, in a gesture of offering your intention to the cosmos.

And by the time next weekend comes around, you will have experienced a speeding up and intensification in the process of manifesting the reality you want.

Be sure to include in that intention, at its very core, you having jumped over and relinquished doubt, worry and negativity, now enjoying a state of perfect happiness, comprising perpetual conscious awareness of your partnership with the Tao, along with your perfect peace, health, success, abundance and good-standing.

And it will be so.


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