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Stimulate your vital energy flow

This one really is good fun, so sit comfortably and cross one leg over the other so the upper one’s foot is facing you sole-up. Then make fists and ruthlessly pound a drum roll with the edges of the fists from the ridge under the toes in lines all the way back to the heel, then again and again and again, until you pound all the tickle and tenderness out of the foot. And repeat on the other foot.

Not only will this dislodge the habit of attaching importance and ultimate meaning in your local form, by a quantum notch or two within no more than ten minutes of staying your fists, it will also stimulate your vital energy flow and cause all the steam in your head to subside so you can think more clearly, plus will add a certain spring to your step as you continue on your way through the day, night and weekend ahead.

I wish you a certain spring and total liberation from the delusion of ultimate meaning in the transient, now, through the weekend and beyond without end.

Love, B

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