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Stonkingly Wonderful

I’m filled with the thrill and privilege of being alive and able to communicate and connect with you dear reader, because you never know how long it’s going to last and not a minute must be wasted in forgetfulness of the miracle of existence and our facility for sharing that with each other in any way we can.

The actual ways we find to share it, gathering at balls, football matches, concerts, assemblies, private tete-a-tetes or what-have-you, are merely the dance we do but the music we dance to is the love that informs us and passes between us.

And the more love we can let inform and pass between us, the stronger the sense of thrill and privilege grows within us. All the rest of it – all the details, then take care of themselves. It all comes down to communication.

The more love you can communicate, the more love there’ll be for everyone. Love grows the more you communicate it. In the communicating of love in whichever way lies to hand at the time, all sense of isolation is banished.

To ease the communicational flow on an energetic level, try chanting the throat chakra opening sound culled from Indian and Tibetan yogic traditions, ‘AAAAAAYYYYYYYY’ (as in today), for about ten minutes, feeling it reverberate throughout your throat and within an hour or so of doing so, you’ll feel as if your communicational capacity and skill have increased exponentially.

Have a stonkingly wonderful day and night.

With love, Doc

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