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Stop being right, stop being wrong

What if you didn’t have to be right all the time? What if it was accepted and acknowledged that no one gets things right all the time, that no one is right all the time and furthermore that right and wrong are merely relative terms only, the extreme example of which is how murder is the most serious crime of all, yet is nonetheless condoned under certain circumstances (in wartime conditions, for example).

What there definitely is, is a series of a actions or non-actions which produce a series of consequences which spread and proliferate as they go along and which need dealing with one way or another.

When you’ve understood the emotional, psychological, physical, social, professional and/or financial price for something and figured out you can’t afford it, you tend naturally to desist from repeating that action or non-action.

It really has nothing to do with right or wrong.

I’m not for a moment suggesting you start doing things wrong on purpose for the sheer hell of it because that would be to generate a state of hellishness, but that when you do inevitably next slip up or in any way miss the mark according to whichever impossible criteria you’ve set yourself, that rather than berate, punish or in any way do yourself down for it, that you simply note it, decide how you’ll do things differently in future under similar conditions, then carry on in loving dialogue with yourself and get back to the adventure without losing momentum.

I wish you a beautiful conversation with yourself all day long today.

Love, D

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