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Stop the rush and achieve what you want

If you follow me regularly, you’ll notice recurring themes. This is not for wont of topics to discuss but reflective of how frequently various topics pop up and make a noise for me.

Case in point: the issue of how to stop that nasty, energy-depleting compulsion to race against the clock in the greater sense of feeling obliged to manifest whatever it is you want before the world comes to an end, or at least yours does.

For while it’s true time flies by at a clip and even seems to be accelerating exponentially as it goes along, pulling on your vital reserves needlessly in a vain attempt to rush to complete will do nothing to help you manifest what you want and will in fact delay and sometimes even scupper your endeavours altogether.

Simply vow to fulfil your potential this lifetime, then let go and trust that what’s for you won’t pass you by and what passes you by wasn’t for you.

Next visualize what you want – don’t hold back – see all of it, however unreasonable it may seem – and tell yourself in contradiction to the compulsive belief in time running out, “I have all the time in the world.”

But don’t just say it once. Say it again and again – keep reminding yourself at every turn, breathe slowly and relax into the flow of life that is already bringing you everyone and everything you need to fully succeed in reaching your highest good.

I wish you a sudden lurch forwards into it today.

Love, D

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