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Stop trying to be perfect

Give yourself a break from the game of trying to be perfect at everything, cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to be a bit of a bumbling fool. See yourself as the innocent child wandering guilelessly along the Great Thoroughfare, for whom life is a magical adventure in which all your needs are met and that there’s therefore nothing ever to worry about or fret over, thus leaving you free to feel the glee of being alive all the time and so feeling become a natural magnet for good fortune and abundance of all things good.

The more frequently you allow yourself to catch a glimpse of this vision, the more swiftly it will actually start manifesting as a reality.

I think I may have mentioned this recently but see no harm in repetition, see no harm in etc, but one of my close friends came up to me just before stepping up to the mike at a really big, important and potentially scary all-night music gig I was doing on the beach for a few thousand in Barcelona one steamy night a few summers ago and whispered lovingly and reassuringly in my ear, “F*ck it up a little bit, Doctor!”

And with the relaxed approach that reminded me to take, it was the best gig of the season, if not my whole career so far.

Give yourself a little of the luxury of bumbling foolishness today and watch how it transforms your whole path for the better too.

I wish you a madly marvellous transformation of your path for the better by a quantum leap today.

Love, Doc

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