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Stress Antidote

The key to handling all the drama of life lies in something quite physical and eminently simple.

You perceive the drama going on outside you but in fact the drama goes on in the front of your brain. You feel its effects in the front of your chest and belly.

The universal self, the deeper self, the enlightened you, the one who’s watching the movie rather than identifying with it so much it thinks it’s actually real, goes on behind that.

By drawing yourself back inside, so that you’re feeling your back, feeling from behind the breastbone, and from deep in the belly and observing from deep within the centre of the brain, you instantly make contact with your universal self.

To do this you have to be relaxed. This means scanning your body from head to toe and letting go of any unnecessary muscular gripping.

And you have to breathe – slowly, deeply and evenly.

Then you have to de-crumple yourself and afford yourself maximum space by elongating your backbone, especially at the back of your neck, dropping and broadening your shoulders and slightly raising your breastbone.

And finally you have to sink – you have to let your weight drop into the lower part of your body, so you feel both grounded in the lower parts and light in the upper parts.

Like this you’ve got your feet on the ground, while wandering in the realm of the gods above – you’re connecting the local and the universal, you’re straddling both realms simultaneously.

Over time you learn to spot whenever you’re getting lost in the drama because your body starts feeling uncomfortable and constricted. At which point you remind yourself you have options and can if you choose, simply drop the drama and sink into your body and be here bearing witness to the miracle of your life as it unfolds from wonder to wonder.

May yours open up to wonder after wonder from this moment on and may you go from strength to strength.

Love, B

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