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Stunned By The Elegance

You probably get your knickers in an awful twist sometimes attempting to weigh things up in your mind about what you should or shouldn’t do next in any given situation, when in fact all that valuable chi could be just as well spent being circulated consciously by your mind around various parts of your body to refresh you while the Tao Of You shunted all the right bits and pieces into place in the realm of your affairs, thus producing the perfect result for all concerned without you having to intervene other than to say your lines as and when directed to do so by the inner prompts issued from the Tao Of You Within and as long as you’re willing to keep your heart open and free of guile, always wishing and intending the most healing outcome for everyone involved in your life, that’s precisely what will happen in a far more elegant way than you could have possibly dreamed up in the rational-moral part of your mind.

To instigate a run of events that will heal and cleanse even the toughest, most stained situation now, take a moment to settle yourself within by slowing down and regulating your breathing, relaxing your muscles and allowing your weight to sink through your hips into the ground, while lengthening your spine to afford you some uprightness and picture the most troublesome situation in your life at the moment. Train your inner eye on the Tao informing it – the ineffable presence expressing itself in the situation and all associated players and simply give it (the Tao) permission to express itself as an outcome stunning in its healing effect for all concerned. See all aspects and participants veritably beaming with the joyful effects of healing, say thankyou to the Tao Of You for making it be so, as if it already is, which it is if you believe it is and gently, in your own time, return to the everyday state, ready and raring to get on with this glorious week ahead.

May you be stunned by the elegance with which life works out now, dear reader.

Love, Doc

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