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Success Is Coming Now

If you’re feeling disorientated now, or afraid because you can’t see how things are going to work out, that’s fantastic.

Because it means you’re about to find yourself at a new level of everything coming together in a far larger, more compatible, more supportive and more congruent state than before.

And as long as you’re doing everything you have to do and in your power to do, to the best of your ability and with a life-loving heart, in order to keep your show on the road, no matter how disorientated you may be feeling, nor no matter how afraid, everything will indeed slot neatly into place and you’ll soon find yourself marvelling at how wonderful your life is.

But you have to be willing to undergo the disorientation that inevitably arises whenever life starts moving all the bits around and into place, and necessarily removes some of your familiar safety references in the process, in order to replace them with new ones that allow you more space and freedom to be you.

You are growing. Growth means change. Change means disorientation. Disorientation is a prelude to a new and better situation.

Give thanks for it. Invite it. Welcome it. Love it.

Say, ‘I love this fear – I love this disorientation.’

Then breathe.


Drop into your body.

Trust that all is well and all is as it’s supposed to be.

And trust that what’s coming will be worth every nanosecond of fear and disorientation that may arise along the way.

See splendour. See it painted in bright light across the sky of your mind. See it painted radiant all over your inner landscape and know that as you see it within, is how it will manifest without.

This is a call to trust.

I wish you eight solid pieces of undeniable proof today that your Tao is watching over you and is already shifting things into optimal position to produce your highest good.

Love, B

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