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Super-powerful trick for increasing focus-ability

This works and it’s simple, so without preparation or preamble, dear reader, press into the base of the skull in the middle, just under the occipital bone, into the indent there, while steadying your head by placing a palm on the forehead.

Press with channelled gusto for half a minute and feel your skull relax.

Now press in to the centre of the forehead just above the eyebrow line, while steadying the back of the head with a palm.

Now take a deep breath and exhale with an audible sigh. Feel the sigh draw all the tension out of you. Close your eyes, sink yourself back into the midbrain region.

Project thence a brightly coloured, brightly lit 3D version of the word, ‘FOCUS’

Visualise it flash on and off six times: FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS.

Then relax even more, open your eyes, carry on as you were and you’ll be as sharp as a hawk on the wing, the whole day long.

I wish you hawk-like sharpness and angelic joy the whole day (and night) long.

Love, B

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