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Super-supple-up technique

By enacting the following, dear reader, not only will you engender a notable increase in existential, emotional and psychological flexibility, requisite of the Taoist master-state, you’ll also supple-up your joints and physical self and thus ease aches, pains and rigidity altogether and as a result, leave yourself feeling loose as a long-legged goose bathing in mousse.

Stand with feet more or less together, both feet facing directly forwards, insteps pulled up and active, knees a bit bent, sacral bone at base of spine tucked slightly forwards and raise your arms to the sides, palms down, elbows bent, shoulders relaxed so you look a bit like a wide weeping willow.

Breathe slowly and moving from the hips and navel, imagine the wind blowing at you first from one direction, then the other, then the other, then the other and flipping between them randomly and swiftly, then slowly, then swiftly then slowly and from up and from down and from everywhere – and you, as the willow, respond by yielding and circling back upright just as you would if you really were a flexible willow, which for the purposes of this exercise’s efficacy, you must method act yourself into being, as if you’ve always been a willow and always will be one.

Keep this up – to music if you like or can – for as many minutes as you can manage or feel like, when you’re done, stand still for a moment, allowing your arms to slowly drop, enjoy the relief and flood of chi and let it settle, then carry on as you were and within no more than ten minutes you’ll feel yourself fully altered (for the better).

I wish you a stunning benign alteration.

Love, B

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