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Supremely psychic today

I’m sitting here with my palms together in front of my chest in a ‘prayer position’, between my palms I hold, as it were, the projected span of time consisting of the hours of today, during which I have many things to do, an amount to do, in fact, the very thought of which might cause me stress were I to allow it to do that.

In the gap between the preceding paragraph and this, I slowly open my arms until at full span, my palms still facing each other and in so doing, see myself stretch that span of time to afford me the possibility of getting everything done easily, effortlessly and enjoyably.

Then I say under my breath, ‘it will all be done,’ and carry on writing to you as if nothing’s happened.

And if I hadn’t told you, you wouldn’t have known. Unless you’re supremely psychic today.

And if you are, what am I thinking now? Yes, you’re right – I’m wondering whether to tell you more or get on with actually doing some of those things, the first of which surely has to be some tai chi and other Taoist bits to stimulate my happy chi, that I might better transmit it your way.

With love, Doc

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