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Swift change of reality procedure

According to the way of the Tao, there is only ultimately one single phenomenon extant: the Tao. All the rest, you, me, everybody and all of this grand show, this world of the ten thousand things, is merely the Tao throwing shapes on the dance floor of life.

So when you want to change and improve what’s going on for you out here in the world of the ten thousand things, rather than attempt to intervene at the superficial level, address yourself to the source of it all, the Tao.

To locate your access point to the Tao now, relax your eyes and the front of your brain, stop holding your breath, breathe freely and slowly, let the relaxation from your eyes and front-brain trickle down through your body and soften you up everywhere.

Allow your mind to drift backwards into your midbrain – do this by visualizing yourself leaning up against the interior rear wall of your skull – and gaze out at the world from there. Imagine a pair of sliding doors in your chest and visualize them sliding open to reveal your beautiful beating heart. Feel your heart radiating and receiving love unconditionally. Let all your weight sink into your lower belly and legs. Sigh, let the world go for a moment, let your thoughts go with it and be still and silent just for a moment.

And in this instant of letting go into the moment, here is the Tao.

Simply doing this will totally reset reality for you and in but a short while, everything broken will be already repaired, everything lost, already restored and all will be beautiful, all will be well.

I wish you utter wellness of everything and yourself.

Love, D

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