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Swift manifestation reinforcement procedure

Examine your hopes and dreams and you’ll also find their corresponding fears. The mind loves to conjure up fearful situations. Doing so, however, tends to draw what you fear into manifestation. Apply discipline and will to choosing to train your mind to focus on the picture of what you want and trust it can happen, instead of focusing on the fear-picture and by and by, what you want will actually manifest of itself.

It may come in a different form to what you’d expected, or thought would have been best, but however it comes it will deliver the experience desired.

Take a moment now to form a clear picture of you looking fulfilled and joyful because you’ve jumped over all your current problems and have manifested the life you want. Flash on to this image frequently for nanoseconds today and you’ll instigate the process of making it real, along with all the requisite resources to facilitate and support the desired state.

I wish you stunning manifestations today, dear reader.

Love, B

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