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Swift success surge procedure

When you stop to examine your internal dialogue, you’ll find it mostly consists in trying to gauge how well or badly you’re doing in the game of everyday life. You then base future projections on your findings. When you think you’re doing well, these projections are optimistic, when you think you’re doing badly, your projections become pessimistic.

When in the optimistic mode, your energy lifts and sense of wellbeing increases, which adds to your optimism. When in the pessimistic mode, your energy drops, leaving you listless and tired, which adds to the pessimism.

This internal dialogue, which is entirely based on mere opinion, predicated on spurious, subjective criteria, takes place in the front part of your brain.

Shift your awareness backwards into the midbrain instead and the dialogue ceases, leaving you clear-minded, focused and able to naturally generate optimism.

To do this simply visualize yourself leaning up against the interior rear wall of your skull and gaze out at the world from all the way back there.

It won’t last long and you’ll soon be back in internal dialogue mode, but even just one moment spent in the midbrain will refresh your mind for the next 24 hours and the more frequently you do it, the more clear and focused you’ll become.

I wish you swift success in all you do today, dear reader.

Love, B

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