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Take command of your destiny

When discussing destiny, paradox is inevitable and no less so even when doing so in the clear light of the Taoist model. Everything is as it is because it was always going to be as it is – it was ‘written’ at the inception of existence – it was one of the infinite individuated whispers that combined to produce the big bang and then proceeded via an exponentially growing chain of cause and effect stretching from the beginning of time to this present moment. And furthermore it will continue to be inevitably what it was always going to be henceforth too.

However – and this is no doubt also written into the original script – you are able to intervene at any point, provided you know how and take command of it, in such a way to fuel-inject whatever was going to happen anyway and so apparently cause it to show up as something much better than had you not done so.

And if that gives you a headache, here's a technique which will not only clear your head of ache as well as stress, but will also put you in command of your own destiny.

This is an extremely powerful technique. It works. It changes things forever. If your intention is to optimize on life, then it changes them for the better. But either way, if you don’t wish to elicit a powerful new stream in your life now, desist from doing this.

Otherwise – and I hope you’re still with me here as this is marvellous fun on the existential level - do as follows:

Close eyes after reading.

Stop holding or inhibiting your breath: breathe freely, deeply, evenly and slowly.

Relax your shoulders and all the rest of you.

Draw your mental vantage point backwards into the central region of the brain.

In the centre of the front hairline, or where it would be, press in with whichever forefinger springs to hand first, with an approximate 4 ounces (110 grams) of force, as if gently, respectfully drilling a hot poker through cold butter.

Keep doing this and as you do, visualize a spotlight fixed there, shining down onto the space just in front of your forehead at eyebrow level.

Into this space light by the spotlight beam, inject an image of you looking supremely blissful and at peace as only someone could who had all aspects of their existence in amazingly good order.

Hold the vision for 30 seconds as clearly as possible and then relax and return to the everyday world expecting miracles.

I wish you the most beautiful miracles you’ve ever witnessed, today.

Love, B

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